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Mohamed Mohamed Sacr Abdelgalil

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About me

AKA: Mohammed Saqr

I graduated and trained in Alexandria Faculty of Medicine (Egypt) as a neurologist, had my PhD in learning analytics from Stockholm University. Before I came to KTH, I worked at University of Paris (Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire Stockholm University (Sweden), University of Eastern Finland (Finland) on AI, Networks, and Analytics. My current research interests include Learning Analytics, Network Sciences, Neurology and Science of Science. I am on the acadmemic editorail board of PLOS One and IJHS, and member of several societies concerened with educaiton, analytics, and open science. I maintain a list of current publicaitons on Resaerchgate and Google Scolar

What and why is learning analytics 

Learning analytics has started as a research endeavor to explore the opportunities of analysing  the wealth of data, in order to understand learners and their learning environments  to optimize the learning process through developing actionable insights. The main driver beyond learning analytics was by the availability of massive data records about learners as well as the exponential surge in computing capabilities coupled with bourgeoning artificial intelligence models. Through learning analytics methods, data can be used to offer  customized feedback and corrective strategies customized to the student’s level of activities, goals and performance levels . Since, learning analytics is an iterative process, knowing more about students would help them perform better, and knowing more about which support mechanism has helped will help improve the insights and the support engine.

Our learning analytics group at KTH SWEDEN is a very active learning analytics group and we collaborate with world most advanced labs (e.g., Finland, France, Germany, Denmark, Australia, UK, Australia, Serbia and Spain). Our work includes  a wide array of projects that covers higher education, schools and vocational education.


Degree Project in Computer Science and Engineering, specializing in Interactive Media Technology, Second Cycle (DA232X), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Media Technology, First Cycle (DM128X), teacher | Course web

Introduction to Learning Analytics (FDH3006), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Mohamed Mohamed Sacr Abdelgalil