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Richard Malm

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Richard is currently working as a researcher at the division of Concrete Structures at KTH and as a specialist in numerical analyses of concrete in the Power Generation & Dams at SWECO. 

Richard received his MSc degree in Structural Engineering at 2004, his PhD degree in 2009 and his Docent title in 2019 from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. The subject of his PhD thesis was “Predicting shear type crack initiation and growth in concrete with non-linear finite element method”. His main research interest involves structural evaluation of large concrete structures subjected to static or dynamic loads with special focus on advanced non-linear finite element analyses considering cracking, degradation and failure analyses. The research conducted in recent years have mainly been focused on response of seasonal thermal effects, long-term effects of concrete (incl. degradation), ice loads on dams, coupling between measurements and numerical analyses. 

He is mainly working with research-oriented projects or safety assessments of concrete dams and nuclear power structures and is for instance responsible for the Structural and Civil Engineering research within the Swedish Hydropower Center (SVC). 

He has more than 15 years of experience in advanced numerical finite element analyses for dams, nuclear power, bridges and geotechnics and has more than 80 scientific publications and been developing analysis guidelines and course literature. 




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