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Nazem Tahvilzadeh

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I am a researcher at Urban and regional studies. I hold a PhD in Public Administration from Göteborg university and my research deals with critical perspectives on urban politics and administration in Swedish cities. I am in general concerned with issues of power, democracy and policy regarding contemporary urban development politics in cities. I have written about participatory governance, citizens’ participation, social movements and sustainable development policies in planning and the situation of exclusion and marginalization in urban peripheries. A significant part of my research is conducted by ethnographic and co-productive methodologies together with social movements and with policy and planning administrators. I have collaborated with Mistra Urban Futures: center for sustainable urban development for several years. I teach Contemporary Urban Theory and supervise students’ thesis work, and I am highly engaged as a lecturer for various organizations in the policy settings of my research.


Contemporary Urban Theory, Advanced Course (AG2134), teacher | Course web

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