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Charnaldo Jaime Ndaipa

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About me

Nowadays is common to see the movement of university students and staff from various corners of the world for various purposes within the higher education systems. The interpretation of this phenomenon is addressed as internationalisation.

As a PhD candidate since the fall of 2018 at the Division of Learning, I have been researching the rationales for the internationalisation of Mozambican universities. Preliminary results suggest, for instance, that universities embark on internationalisation for three main purposes: first,academic which entails inward and outward mobility of students and staff for learning, teaching and research. Second, economic aiming to increase university revenue with international students. Third,political seeking visibility, recognition and prestige worldwide. To this end, they strategically build partnerships with international academic institutions, funding agencies and governments located mainly in the United States and Europe.

This study is of utmost importance as it gives a general spectrum of the subject-matter from the context of the South, known as under-researched. Moreover, it gets much interest in the fact that innovatively, neo-institutional and decolonial theories underpin it as their analytical thrust has rarely been brought together by previous researchers.

Originally from Mozambique, I hold a Master's degree in Education in Educational Leadership, Management and Development from Africa University in Zimbabwe; and Bachelor honours (Licenciatura) in English Teacher Education from Universidade Pedagógica - Mozambique.