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Ioannis Pappis

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About me

Ioannis is working as a PhD candidate at the Division of Energy Systems Analysis (KTH-dESA). His main research interests are: sustainable uses of energy, energy planning and economics, energy modelling, energy markets, production and innovation management. During his work as a research engineer and PhD candidate at dESA he has developed national energy systems (African continent, Greece, Paraguay) models to investigate medium to long-term energy strategies as well as he has been an instructor (Ethiopia, Italy, Paraguay, South Africa, Zimbabwe) in the use of energy modelling tools. Specifically, he has developed the energy model of Paraguay in collaboration with UN/DESA, UNDP and the Government of Paraguay using the Open Source Energy Modelling System (OSeMOSYS) tool to investigate scenarios related to the national energy, economic, and development priorities. In addition, he has developed the energy model of Africa using the OSeMOSYS tool to investigate scenarios related to the continent´s future energy needs and energy policies. This work was in collaboration with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. Also, he was involved in the SIM4NEXUS (EU H2020) project, leading the development of the electricity model of Greece to analyze country´s energy policies, in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens and the University of Thessaly. Prior to his work in dESA, he has worked as a consultant for UN/DESA to support energy and water policy development in Mauritius and as a research assistant for the Urban and Regional Innovation (URENIO) Research Unit of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. During the years 2011-2013 he has undertaken various internships in the industrial, and academic fields. Ioannis holds an MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering (KTH, Sweden) and a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (UTH, Greece).