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Former master thesis students and theses

  1. Alicia Jotoft and Mattias Stålered, 2020 - KTH. Challenges to Develop and Commercialise Innovations.

  2. Michael Koma, 2020 - KTH (co-supervisor). LCA of lithium battery recycling.

  3. Carlos de Miguel Ramos, 2020 - KTH and Polytechnical University of Madrid. Data science for sustainable development.

  4. Irene Suarez Pacios, 2020 - KTH and Polytechnical University of Madrid. Impacts of peer-to-peer rental accommodation in Stockholm: an exploratory analysis of Airbnb’s data.

  5. Joao Keselik, 2019 - KTH. An evaluation of the online trading of second-hand products in Sweden and its potential environmental benefits.

  6. Saray Pradas Segura, 2019- KTH and Polytechnical University of Valencia. Life cycle assessment of time use. 

  7.  Jon Warmington-Lundström, 2019 – Uppsala University). Reviewing environmental rebound effects from peer-to-peer boat sharing in Finland.

  8. Shania Hu, 2019 – KTH (co-supervisor). Exploring strategies for early stages start-ups in cooperating with large organisations through corporate accelerators.

  9. Fernando Aguilar Lopez, 2019 – EPFL. Consequential life cycle assessment of photovoltaic panels in a circular economy framework.

  10. Deniz Demirer – KTH 2019. Quantifying the relationship between the waste footprint and environmental impact of products.

  11.  Sjoerd Herlaar – KTH 2019. Exploring consumer expenditure and environmental impacts across European nations: a data-mining approach.

  12. Tobias Steinegger – KTH 2019. Investigating the Environmental Footprint of Swedish Household Consumption.

  13. Fernando Barrios – KTH 2019. Towards sustainable consumption patterns: A market feasibility study for a peer-to-peer sharing platform at KTH.

  14. Piero Grilli – Stockholm Resilience Centre 2018 (co-supervisor). Developing a methodology for Planetary Boundaries-based Life Cycle Assessment.

  15. Kristina Nangel – EPFL 2018. Quantifying net positive environmental externalities from Swiss cleantech innovations.

  16. Mehdi Tarik – EPFL 2018. Measurement and determinants of consistency across key pro-environmental consumption behaviours in EPFL community. 

  17. Giovanna Sauve – KTH-UPC 2016. Circularity at IVL: a case study on mobile phones and computers.

  18. Vide Richter – KTH 2015. BA level. Assessing greenhouse gas emissions from Swedish Production: A study on the possibility to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the ten most valuable production categories in Sweden.

  19. Madeleine Barås – KTH 2015. Assessing the environmental sustainability of an apparel supply chain: the development of a conceptual model based on a comparative study of preferred tools and actual practices.

  20. Goutam Saha – KTH 2014 (co-supervisor). Comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of a newly designed plastic bottle: Materials selection and end-of-life strategies.

  21. Zayetzi Rivera – KTH-UPC 2013 (co-supervisor). Carbon, water and energy footprints of leather shoes.