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Publications by Niloufar Salehi

Peer reviewed

Conference papers

F. M. Abdullah Asif, N. Salehi and M. Lieder, "Consumer perceptions of circular business model : a case of leasing strollers," in Manufacturing Driving Circular Economy : Proceedings of the 18th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing, October 5-7, 2022, Berlin, 2022, pp. 953-960.
C. Villamil Velasquez, N. Salehi and S. I. Hallstedt, "HOW CAN INFORMATION and COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT the LINK between CIRCULAR ECONOMY and PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT? : - A REVIEW," in Proceedings of the Design Society : DESIGN Conference, 2020, pp. 2187-2196.

Chapters in books

S. Amir et al., "Toward a Circular Economy: A Guiding Framework for Circular Supply Chain Implementation," in Springer Series in Supply Chain Management, : Springer Nature, 2024, pp. 379-404.
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