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Shounak Chakraborty

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About me

Hi Everyone !

I am Shounak, currently pursuing my first year of master’s in Autonomous Systems at KTH focused towards Robotics and AI.  I'm part of the EIT Digital Master School program and will be doing my second year in TU Berlin. I come from India and have done my bachelor’s in Electronics from University of Delhi. I am a software-product individual who believes in innovation and enjoys challenging work. 

I'm a Research Engineer in the Swedish Maritime Robotics Centre SMaRC , SSF IRC project at the division of Robotics, Perception and Learning Lab RPL, KTH. In particulare working on deadreckoning and other modules needed for surveying of underwater cultivations. Presently working on the filtering of DVL sensors and dead-reckoning system of a SAM-AUV using the robot localisation package to know the state of the robot under water.

Looking forward to collaborate and work in the field of Robotics and Computer Vision.

Cheers !