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Gabriel Spartacus

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I have performed a master of engineering majoring on materials science at the IMT Mines Albi in France. I achieved my Ph.D. study in France at the French Atomic Energy Commission in partnership with the SIMaP laboratory at Grenoble University. My Ph.D. thesis focused on the fabrication process (involving powder metallurgy and high temperature thermal treatment) of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) steels for Gen. IV nuclear power plants applications. I mainly performed in-situ small angle scattering measurements during high temperature heating, using X-ray (analyzing anomalous scattering) and neutron as well as X-ray diffraction, atom probe tomography and electron microscopy.

As a postdoc at CeXS, my work is focused on two different topics. The first is to take part of the CeXS activities: stimulating the usage of synchrotron radiation facilities on the Swedish researcher community; surveying the experimental possibilities and specimen environments available at different beamlines; organizing to educational training and workshops for researchers and PhD students and developing synchrotron data analysis methods available at KTH. My second commitment is to perform advanced microstructural characterizations, involving synchrotron radiation (3D-XRD, anomalous SAXS …), working on the Microstructure – Processing – Properties relationships of metallic alloys.



Chemical and structural evolution of nano-oxides from mechanical alloying to consolidated ferritic oxide dispersion strengthened steel
G. Spartacus, J. Malaplate, F. De Geuser, I. Mouton, D. Sornin, M. Perez, R. Guillou, B. Arnal, E. Rouesne, A. Deschamps (2022)Acta Materialia, Vol. 233 p.117992.


Innovative method of ODS steels manufacturing by direct introduction of pyrochlore phase through milling
E. Simondon, P.-F. Giroux, J. Ribis,G. Spartacus, L. Chaffron, T. Gloriant (2021)Materials Characterization, Vol. 181 p.111461.

Characterization of the nature and morphology of coarse precipitation on various oxide dispersion strengthened steels
G. Spartacus, J. Malaplate, D. Menut, C. Toffolon, D. Sornin, R. Guillou, A. Gangloff, S. Urvoy, F. De Geuser, A. Deschamps (2021)Materialia, Vol. 17 p.101117.

Characterization of untransformed ferrite in 10Cr and 12 Cr ODS steels
A. Durand, D. Sornin, Y. de Carlan,G. Spartacus, F. Brisset, L. Delbes, B. Baptiste, T. Baudin, R. Logé (2021)Materialia, Vol.16 p.101066.


Nano-oxide precipitation kinetics during the consolidation process of a ferritic oxide dispersion strengthened steel
G. Spartacus, J. Malaplate, F. De Geuser, D. Sornin, A. Gangloff, R. Guillou, A. Deschamps (2020)Scripta Materialia, Vol.188 p.10-15.


Effect of ultrasonic shot peening on microstructure and properties of 301SS.
K. Li,G. Spartacus, J. Dong, P. Cao, K. Shin (2017)Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Vol.32 No.16 p.1851-1855.

Profilbild av Gabriel Spartacus