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Stefanos Georganos

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About me

Stefanos is an Associate Professor in Geomatics at Karlstad University and a researcher at the Division of Geoinformatics, Royal Institute of Technology. He does research in quantitative human geography, remote sensing, spatial epidemiology and machine learning. He is particularly interested in the use of geo-information for helping address the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a geographical interest in sub-Saharan African cities. His latest research unravels the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Earth Observation to detect, measure and characterize socio-economic inequalities in deprived urban areas in support of the most vulnerable populations.

Stefanos is the Secretary General  of the European Assosciation of Remote Sensing Laboratories and co-Chair of its Special Interest Group on Developing Countries. He has coordinated and managed large international consortia such as REACT ( Currently he is holder of the prestigious Digital Futures post-doctoral fellowship (


A GIS Project (AG2421), assistant | Course web

Degree Project in Built Environment, First Cycle (AG134X), teacher | Course web

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (AG1324), teacher | Course web

Remote Sensing Technology (AG1321), teacher | Course web

Web and Mobile GIS (AG2417), assistant | Course web