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Oliver Tessmann

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About me

Oliver Tessmann is assistant professor at the KTH School of Architecture. He co-teaches the Studio 9 in the master level. The studio has a strong focus on computational design and digital fabrication. Oliver is currently heading a Formas-funded research project called "Concrete Performance - Towards digitally informed cement-bound material systems" that seeks to link innovations in cement-bound materials, computational design and digital fabrication. The aim of this research is to enhance Concrete Performance when designing and constructing our built environment. See more of Oliver's work here.

Oliver has been a Guest Professor at Staedelschule Architecture Class (SAC) in Frankfurt, heading the specialization “Architecture and Performative Design”. He worked with the engineering office Bollinger + Grohmann in Frankfurt at the interface between architecture and engineering. After graduating in 2001 at the University in Kassel he was working with Coop Himmelb(l)au in Mexico and Vienna and Bernhard Franken in Frankfurt. In 2008 Oliver Tessmann received a doctoral degree after four years of research in the field of "Collaborative Design Procedures for Architects and Engineers" at the University of Kassel. The research sought for novel strategies to use structural analysis as a design driver in architecture by establishing digital interfaces between the disciplines. His work has been published and exhibited in Europe, Asia and the US.

Profile picture of Oliver Tessmann