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David Umsonst

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About me

I am a PhD student in the Division of Decision and Control Systems under the supervision of Prof. Henrik Sandberg.

My research interest focuses on the security of cyber-physical systems. I currently focus on the feasibility of sensor attacks, their impact on feedback systems, and attack mitigation methods utilizing anomaly detectors. I successfully defended my PhD thesis titled "Stealthy Sensor Attacks on Feedback Systems: Attack Analysis and Detector-based Defense Mechanisms" on the 9th of November, 2021.

In addition to my research activities, I was a teaching assisstant in the courses Automatic Control (2017, 2018), and Hybrid and Embedded Control Systems (2019, 2020) as well as responsible for the watertank laboratory at our division.

Furthermore, I participated in the EU-project LarGo!, where I was involved in the resilient system design for the software rollout in the future power grid. In the EU-project SPARKS, I was working on the resilient controller design for PV systems. You can find a video of the final demonstration of the SPARKS project here, where I present parts of the resilient controller design.