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Wei Liu

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About me

Dr. Wei Liu works in division of Sustainable Buildings, Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, as an Associate Professor. Dr. Liu's current research topics include Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Air Distribution, Inverse Design and Control of indoor environments, and Data-Driven Smart Buildings. Research on data-driven smart buildings is carried out in close collaboration with Jönköping University Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab, Drexel University, IEA ERC Annex 81 Data-Driven Smart-Buildings and other key Swedish and international stakeholders. Wei has published 54 journal papers. He was a recipient of an ASHRAE Grant-in-Aid Award, won the first prize in an ASHRAE computational-fluid-dynamics shootout contest, was a Bilsland Dissertation Fellow at Purdue University,


Building Service Technologies and Systems (AF2508), teacher | Course web

Building Service Technologies and Systems, Applied Course (AF2511), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Fluid and Climate Technology, Second Cycle (AF259X), examiner | Course web

Fluid Mechanics for Architecture and Built Environment (AE1601), teacher | Course web

Smart buildings (AF2513), course responsible, teacher | Course web