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Xiaojing Wang

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Xiaojing Wang received his Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Universtiy of Defense Technology in Changsha, China, 2013. After finishing his studies on Master level, he began his Ph.D. research in the Department of Micro and Nanosystems, School of Electrical Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm, Sweden, 2014. Currently he is working on projects related to MEMS integration technology and medical MEMS research.


Current research

  • Wafer level hermetic/vacuum packaging by low temperature wafer bonding

      Accelerometer, IR detectors, gyroscopes, resonaters, which are widely used in automobiles and mobilephones, all need defined vacuum enviroment to function properly and reliably. Vacuum/hermetic packaging encapsulates defined vacuum or certain gases inside a cavity, enabling the funcationality of these MEMS/NEMS devices inside such an enviroment. Being a critical process, MEMS vacuum/hermetic packaging poses a significant cost in the massive production. I am currently develping these packaging technologies on a wafer level to provide cost-efficient and space-saving solutions to meet the challenges.

  • X-ray source for minimally invasive medical therapy.



  • Wafer-scale hermetic/vacuum packaging: wafer-level vacuum packaging, encapsulation, sealing, MEMS, NEMS, Gyroscopes, IR-detectors, resonators, accelerometers, small footprint, ultra-thin packages, thermocompression bonding, gold, aluminum, copper

  • Miniaturized X-ray source: minimally invasive, electronic brachytherapy, medical therapy, radiotherapy, catheter, tumour, cancer

  • Heterogeneous integration: magnetic assembly, wire bonding, micro-chip assembly, out-of-plane, packaging