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Digitisation in Transport System and Mobility Services

Project title: SPOT, Smartphone-based travel data collection

Implementing sustainable transport solutions, reducing transport emissions and energy consumption and achieving a modal shift away from the conventional private car are main goals for many major metropolitan areas in the world. In order to achieve these goals it is very crucial to understand the individual travel decision-making behaviours and implement the right urban and transport intervention policy measures. The success of a transportation policy itself depends on an accurate description and prediction of aggregate flows as well as the disaggregate travel behaviour of individuals. 

This project aims to refine, test and deploy a prototype of a smartphone application that has been jointly developed by the KTH Transport Science & Urban Planning Departments. The results of the tests will be compared with data collected with traditional paper-and-pencil survey method.

This project involves KTH, Sweco and Linköping University and funded by Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration). 

The team consists: Jenny Widell, Andreas Allström, Ida Kristoffersson (Sweco), Yusak Susilo, Gyözö Gidovalvi, Adrian Corneliu Prelipcean (KTH), and Clas Rydergren (Linkoping University).

The source code of the app can be found at : 

Published articles and reports:

Mobility collector and its capabilities

Comparative framework for activity-travel diary collection systems

Measures of transport mode segmentation of trajectories

Experiences from smartphone based travel data collection – system development and evaluation

A series of three case studies on the semi-automation of activity travel diary generation using smartphones

The Promises of Big Data and Small Data for Travel Behavior (aka Human Mobility) Analysis

Transportation mode detection – an in-depth review of applicability and reliability

Workshop on BIg Data in Transport (KTH, 16 October 2017) the slides from the workshop can be seen at:

Lessons from a trial of MEILI, a smartphone based semi-automatic activity-travel diary collector in Stockholm City, Sweden

Collecting travel diaries: Current state of the art, best practices, and future research directions

MEILI: A travel diary collection, annotation and automation system

11th International conference on Transport Survey Methods' workshop synthesis: New development in travel diary collection systems based on smartphones and GPS receivers

Exploring day-to-day individual activity-travel behaviours based on a smartphone app’s travel diary

Relevant doctoral thesis: MEILI: Multiple Day Travel Behaviour Data Collection, Automation and Analysis

Project title: User attitudes towards a corporate Mobility as a Service (as a part of ITRL and Scania project)

This ITRL project iintended to develop, demonstrate and evaluate a multimodal mobility service for passengers to, from and within Scania in Södertälje, Sweden, which is supported by DriveSweden

Sustainable Mobility Services Södertälje

source: Integrated Transport Research Lab


Project title: Predictive Movement

Predictive Movement


Project title: Utilizing digital technologies to create a safer and more accessible transport and urban system for an active and healthier ageing society

Using IoT technologies to understand travellers suffering from dementia:
Potentials and Challenges


Master thesis: Crowdsourced traffic information in traffic management

Crowdsourced traffic information in traffic management