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Urban Living, Land Use, Time-Use, Health, and Well-being

Land use, travel behaviours and individual lifecyle:

The influence of individuals' environmental attitudes and urban design features on their travel patterns in sustainable neighborhoods in the UK

Transportation carbon dioxide emissions by built environment and family lifecycle: Case study of the Osaka metropolitan area

Detangling the impacts of age, residential locations and household lifecycle in car usage and ownership in the Osaka metropolitan area, Japan 

An exploration of shoppers travel mode choice in visiting convenience stores in the UK 

A long term analysis of the mechanisms underlying children's activity-travel engagements in the Osaka metropolitan area  

Walking to school in Scotland: Do perceptions of neighbourhood quality matter?

The influence of parents’ travel patterns, perceptions and residential self-selectivity to their children travel mode shares

The influence of parent’s perceptions and residential self-selection to the children’s travel modes at single parent households

Investigating the interactions between travellers' familiar areas and their multi-day activity locations

Ageing and travel choices and behaviours:

The grey escape: Investigating older people's use of the free bus pass     

Pedestrians' behaviour in cross walks: The effects of fear of falling and age 

Legitimising risk taking: articulating dangerous behaviour on the road

Public attitudes towards motorcyclists' safety: A qualitative study from the United Kingdom

Travel time: Use, Value and Constraints

Who has more say on your daily time use? A quantitative intra-household time-use altruism analysis

Investigating intra-household interactions between individuals’ time and space constraints

The impacts of household structure on the individual stochastic travel and out-of-home activity time budgets

Rail passengers' time use and utility assessment

Comparing Rail Passengers' Travel Time Use in Great Britain Between 2004 and 2010 

Last mile delivery, travel patterns and environment impacts

Assessing the impacts of collection-delivery points to individual’s activity-travel patterns: A greener last mile alternative?

Daily time use, well-being and health assessments