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ScAIEM 2019

Scandinavian Academy of Industrial Engineering and Management

KTH Stockholm, Sweden14-16 October 2019

Session formats

The conference sessions are designed to stimulate active participation among the attendees.

  • Presentations Session
    At a presentation session, several presenters conduct a presentation each. All presentations are linked to one and the same overall topic and each presentation is accompanied by the opportunity for the audience to ask questions about or contribute with a new perspective on the presentation.
  • Panel Discussion Session
    A panel discussion is a discussion before an audience, about a specific topic. The topic is discussed jointly by a number of panelists who contribute with different perspectives on the subject. A panel is led by a moderator and there should be room for the audience to ask questions to the panel participants and contribute more perspectives on the subject.
  • Debate Session
    A debate is like a panel discussion, but between two contradition positions. Thus, there is a stronger emphasis on the differences between opinions, perspectives, standpoints, and arguments. The panel is led by a moderator/referee and there should be possibilities for the audience to ask questions to the debaters.
  • Workshop Session
    In a workshop, the focus is on participant activity. A workshop begins with a presentation of a specific topic that is made by the workshop leaders. Then follow practical exercises involving all participants.
  • Round Table Discussions Session
    A round table discussion is initiated by a shorter presentation of the session managers of a specific topic. Subsequently, discussions in smaller groups - one at each table - follow a number of different issues related to the subject. At each table there is a discussion manager who can, if necessary, stimulate the discussion on a specific issue. After a specified time, the participants change table / question. The topic and the questions are summarized at the end of the session in a dialogue between the discussion managers and the participants.
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