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Dynamics of fluids and cells in acoustic fields

Tid: To 2021-06-10 kl 10.15 - 11.00

Föreläsare: Per Augustsson, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, LTH

Plats: ZOOM


Sound carries energy and can exert forces on fluids and therein suspended objects through scattering and attenuation. Acoustophoresis, where microscopic particles are separated or caged in by an acoustic standing wave field, has received an increased interest in the biomedical field. I will present some basic principles relating to such systems and describe how different types of blood cells can be separated based on their acoustic scattering properties. I will also talk about acoustic streaming, how it can be suppressed, and how this allows us to separate particles in the nano-regime. Further, I will show our most recent results regarding the interaction between acoustic and thermal fields that leads to a new type of acoustic streaming.

Per Augustsson

Per Augustsson

Lund university, Associate Professor in Biomedical engineering, https://bme.lth.se/staff/augustsson-per/per-augustsson/

Sound carries energy that can be directed to push on cells and fluids inside microscale flow channels. I lead a group of experimentalists that study the basic physics of sound interacting with fluids and suspended objects. In collaboration with biologists and biomedical researchers I build instruments to separate cells and nanoparticles by ultrasound. I am a scientific advisor for the company AcouSort AB that sprung from my department and that strives to commercialize acoustic focusing technology.

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