Undergraduate level education

At the undergraduate level, we offer basic courses in classical physics including acoustics, optics, electromagnetism, waves, mechanics, experimental physics, photography and optometry/viasual optics. These courses are studied by more than 1000 students per year, primarily during years 1-2 at different civ.ing.-programs.

We also offer advanced courses (Master level) primarily in three (out of five) tracks in the Master Programme in Engineering Physics (TTFYM):

Track: Optical Physics (TFYC)
Track: Nanophysics  (TFYD)
Track: Biomedical Physics (TFYE)

We offer degree projects in engineering and applied physics:

Candidate Degree Project in Engineering Physics ("KEX-jobb") , 15 hp
This degree project is studied during the spring term in year 3 (civ.ing. programs).

Master Degree project in Applied Physics ("Exjobb") , 30 hp
This degree project is studied during the last year (year 5, civ.ing. programs; year 2, Master program).

A full list of courses given by the Dept. of Applied Physics is found here:

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