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KTH participates in a Nordic project on a new type of solar cell

A Nordic research project – NANORDSUN – is developing a new type of solar cell based on semiconductor nanowires. The consortium consists of academic and industrial partners located in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Associate Professor Srinivasan Anand is the partner coordinator for KTH.

Srinivasan Anand

The Nordic project ”Semiconductor nanowire based solar cells” (NANORDSUN) is a three year (2010-2013) project focusing on research and development of a new type of solar cells. The project has a comprehensive research and development program within the area of nano-wire (NW) solar cells using direct band gap III-V semiconductors.
NANORDSUN is financed by the Nordic Innovations Centre (NICe), and is coordinated by Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet (NTNU) in Trondheim. Other partners in the project are Lund University, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Aalto University, Sol Voltaics AB and Obducat AB.

In this project, Srinivasan Anand (KTH ICT) is the partner coordinator for KTH. His research group focuses on top-down approaches for semiconductor nanowire fabrication in III-Vs and on implementation of efficient light trapping and carrier collection schemes in NW solar cells. The research activities also include development of surface passivation techniques, optical characterization of nanowires, and electrical characterization of individual nanowires with nanoscale spatial resolution.

For more information on the group’s research, please contact Srinivasan Anand