The Advanced Light Microscopy (ALM) Laboratory is a KTH research infrastructure at Science for Life Laboratory. ALM provide access and user support in light microscopy. The laboratory is one of the nodes in the national microscopy infrastructure and also a member of the european infrastructure EuroBioimaging.

At ALM the following techniques are available:

  1. STED microscopy
  2. STORM/PALM microscopy
  3. SIM microscopy
  4. Light sheet microscopy
  5. FCS

With support from KTH infrastructure funds, a lattice light sheet microscope will be installed during fall 2019.

See more at SciLifeLab .

NMISweden  - information about access to the national infrastructure for microscopy.

EuroBioimaging  - information about access to the European infrastructure for microscopy. 

Using the infrastructure

If you are interested in using ALM, please fill out the access form found here: