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Invitation to visit CDIO at KTH

Invitation to visit CDIO at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Workshops for Visitors

KTH offers CDIO workshops for groups of interested educators and leaders. These workshops will be customized according to the visitors’ interests and typically include an introduction to CDIO and to the KTH implementation, visits to a study program and talks with experienced faculty, students and educational developers. Length of workshops may range from half a day up to three days. The cost of the program is covered by the visiting institution and depends on workshop length, group size and degree of customization. We can also offer support in finding accommodation, organizing meals and refreshments, issuing invitation letters for visas, etc.

Contact Jakob Kuttenkeuler, jakob@kth.se . State the reason for your visit, including a short description of your institution and the visiting group, the relevant educational programme, and if you have previous experience with CDIO implementation. Please mention any special topics you are particularly interested in.

  • the CDIO methodology
  • stakeholder analysis
  • active learning methods
  • design-implement exercises
  • peer instruction
  • curriculum development
  • assessment
  • cost-effectiveness of teaching