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KTH Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering covers a broad range of vehicle engineering disciplines, air, ground, rail and sea transport vehicles as well as basic disciplines of vital importance for vehicle performance and usage. Common to all activities, is that our research on theoretical modelling and simulation is validated in the extensive experimental resources held by the department.

Some facts and figures

The staff consists of about 90 employees (all staff statistics are as of September 2009), 77 of these being academic researchers with 9 full professors, 4 guest/adjunct professors from industry, 8 associate professors, 7 assistant professors, about 10 senior researchers and about 40 graduate students. In addition about 10 PhD students are active at the department on a part time basis while working in industry or research institutes. The administrative staff consists of 5 persons while 4 technicians provide technical support.

The department graduates about 8 PhD and 8 Lic. Tech. students annually. The staff teaches in 27 annual courses on undergraduate level, primarily focussed on the advanced level. We are responsible for 5 MSc programme specialisations within the Vehicle Engineering programme: Aeronautics, Lightweight Structures, Naval Architecture, Sound and Vibration, Vehicle Engineering, engaging about 100 students per year. In addition we give two Master's programmes, one focussing on Aerospace Engineering and the other on Sound and Vibration.

We are funded by external contracts to about 55%, KTH funding 30% and undergraduate teaching 15%. Annual turnover averages around 10 M€.

Since 2006 the VINNX Centre of Excellence for ECO2 Vehicle design is coordinated by the department, www.eco2vehicledesign.kth.se. We are also coordinating the Gröna Tåget research programme, www.gronataget.se.

The contact network includes national and international industry, governmental agencies and academic institutions in all our research areas.

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