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A ground vehicle contains many components that interact with each other, resulting in a complex dynamic system. The division’s goal is to improve the knowledge about dynamic behaviour and function of vehicles (buses, cars, trucks etc.) to lead the development of new vehicles to be more reliable under different driving conditions. The research and education is focused on problems related to handling, rollover and comfort of road vehicles, as well as driver/vehicle interaction, non-linear phenomena and catenary-pantograph dynamics. To solve these problems, aspects on active safety as well as methods for simulation and measurement of dynamic behaviour for efficient product development are considered.

Professor Annika Stensson manages the division since May 2000. For the moment the division is formed by one adjunct professor, two senior researcher, one research engineer and nine Ph.D. students.

The division is, together with the Division of Railway Technology, responsible for the competence program in Ground Vehicle Engineering within the Master of Science Programmes in Vehicle Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology.

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