Jon Petter Gustafsson

Professor, Proprefekt Institutionen för Mark- och vattenteknik

Tel: +46-8-790 83 16
E-mail: gustafjp(a)

Adress: KTH
Institutionen för mark- och vattenteknik,
Teknikringen 76, 100 44 Stockholm, Sweden.

Besöksadress: Brinellvägen 28, 4 tr.



  • Phosphorus removal by active filtration through mineral-based filters / funding from Formas and mineral producers.
  • Phosphorus speciation in Swedish agricultural soils / funding from Formas
  • Geochemistry of iron(III), lead(II) and copper(II) in soils and waters; funding from VR
  • Soil chemistry of vanadium; industry funding
  • Metal-phosphorus interactions / funding from SGU

Tidigare forskning:

Some highlights from the research conducted earlier in my research projects (for references see the list below):

The dissolution of aluminium from acid soils may cause ecotoxicity in rivers and lakes. Aluminium release is determined by a complex interplay between desorption from organic matter and equilibria with an Al(OH)3-type phase. Relevant equilibrium constants were derived, which allow the prediction of Al dissolution from soils by chemical equilibrium models. 

- Modelling the soil chemistry of trace metals: Through a combination of laboratory experiments and model development (SHM, Visual MINTEQ) we showed that: a) Soil organic matter is an important sorbent for cationic trace metals in soils, but competition from Al and Ca need to be considered for correct modelling; b) The solubility of arsenic(V) in soils is heavily dependent on competition from phosphate, organic matter and silicic acid.

- Copper complexation to dissolved organic matter in MSWI bottom ash leachates. PhD student Susanna Toller (formerly Olsson) showed that copper(II) is complexed strongly to both hydrophobic and hydrophilic acid fractions in MSWI bottom ash leachate, and she calibrated a geochemical model to describe the complexation. Furthermore, with X-ray absorption spectroscopy she showed that leached Cu originate mainly from CuO(s) present in the ash.

Datorprogram utvecklade av J.P. Gustafsson:

Visual MINTEQ (1998-2011)

Win Humic (1999-2000)

Handledning (som huvudhandledare)

David Eveborn KTH - JTI (Phosphorus removal by active filtration

Maja Larsson , SLU (Vanadium chemistry and ecotoxicity in soils)

Charlotta Tiberg , SLU (Metal-phosphorus interactions)

Ann Kristin Eriksson , SLU (Phosphorus speciation in clay soils)

Tidigare handledning

Susanna Toller, KTH (Environmental assessment of MSWI bottom ash; disputerade okt 2008). Nu på Ecoloop

Carin Sjöstedt , KTH (Iron and aluminium geochemistry in lake water, disputerade okt 2012)


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