WinHumicV for Win95/98/NT


   WinHumicV is based on the Humic Ion-Binding Model V, originally created by Dr. Edward Tipping of the Institute of Freshwater Ecology, UK, in 1992 (Tipping and Hurley, 1992). WinHumicV combines Model V with inorganic ion speciation, models for Al and Fe oxide precipitation, cation exchange to clay minerals, and adsorption-desorption reactions of fulvic acid. WinHumicV is related to the previously published WHAM code (Tipping, 1994) but there are a few differences, the most important being that WinHumicV is written in Visual Basic and adapted for the Windows environment. The purpose of WinHumicV is to calculate equilibrium chemical speciation in surface and groundwaters, sediments and soils, in which the speciation and solubility of cations are determined by organic matter (humic substances).

    WinHumicV can be run in two modes, one for aqueous speciation problems, and one for problems in which sorption to particles (such as sediments or soils) is also considered; the latter mode is chosen by default once the user starts the program.

    Anyone may download and use WinHumicV, on the following conditions:

  • Please register as a user by sending an e-mail to me ( Jon Petter Gustafsson ).
  • Do not redistribute any parts of the software to others without contacting me
  • If you decide to publish any results obtained by this software, make sure to include the references at bottem of the page.

    The aim of WinHumicV is to make the powerful features of Model V more easily accessible for researchers in soil and aquatic chemistry. WinHumicV includes the following features:

  • You may run several (up to 20) problems at once, by using the Multi-problem / Sweep option.
  • The pH can either be fixed, or calculated from the charge balance.
  • You may include a heterogeneous site affinity distribution for bidentate metal-humic complexes.
  • Presentation of results from WinHumicV runs on separate output tables; export of results to Excel
  • Easy management of WinHumicV's thermodynamic database from within the program

Technical notes:

  • The interface was written with Visual Basic 5.0, professional edition.
  • You will need Windows 95 or NT 4.0 or higher to run this program.
  • Since WinHumicV interfaces with Excel, it is desirable that you have Excel 5 or higher installed on your computer.
  • The program will NOT fit on your screen if the resolution is 640 x 480 or lower.
  • I do not take any responsibility for possible problems that arise because of the installation of this program. However, I would be grateful if problems and bugs are reported to me; this will benefit future users of this program.
  • The program can read input files created by Tipping's WHAM-S code.

Jon Petter Gustafsson 18/10 1999


    The setup package,, contains the executable WinHumicV program and all associated components.

    When you have downloaded the files, you will have to unzip them using WinZip or PKUNZIP.

    The file includes the WinHumicV setup program, Setup.exe. If you have a recent version of WinZip, Setup can be initiated directly. Otherwise you should double-click the Setup.exe icon when all files have been unzipped. Setup will install:

  • The executable WinHumicV program, entitled 'WinHumicV.exe'. The file will be placed in the directory "c:\WinHumicV".
  • The thermodynamic database. Included in the package is Ssed10.dbs which is also the original database for WHAM (Tipping, 1994).
  • Help file system in HTML format. Open the file "whumvhlp.htm" to access the help files.
  • Some Windows system files, necessary for the program to run. Make sure they are installed correctly in your Windows system directory.
  • Five sample files.

    After installation, use Windows Explorer to create a shortcut to "C:\WinHumicV\WinHumicV.exe"  and copy it to your desktop.

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12/12 2000

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Notes on new versions:

9/11 1999. A minor change was made in the numerical routine which leads to a safer convergence.

19/5 2000. Bugs in the multi-problem generator were corrected. Changes in the code were made to increase execution speed. Selected sweep parameters are now saved to the input and output files and therefore they do not need to be edited every time the user opens a new file.

12/12 2000. Included option to specify the current working directory for input and output files. The name of the current input file is now shown on the main menu.

The program is no longer updated, but suggestions for future improvements are welcome.


Gustafsson, J.P. 1999. WinHumicV For Win95/98/NT. (This page)
Tipping, E. and Hurley, M.A. 1992. A unifying model of cation binding by humic substances. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 56:3627-3641.
Tipping, E. 1994. WHAM - A chemical equilibrium model and computer code for waters, sediments, and soils incorporating a discrete site/ electrostatic model of ion-binding by humic substances. Computers Geosciences 20:973-1023.


WHAM page at the Institute of Freshwater Ecology, UK

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