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ADOPT Day 2012

General information

ADOPT Day 2012 is organized in conjunction with the Optics and Photonics Day. It will be held at KTH-AlbaNova University Center. The ADOPT day includes talks, a poster session and workshops and dinner with social activities. Ph.D. students are encouraged to advertise their research via a poster.

Registration (by 2012-10-12): mandatory and should be done by e-mail to Therese Olofsson (therese.olofsson@biox.kth.se) with the following information:

  • Name:
  • Group:
  • Position (If you are a PhD Student state which year you started your studies):
  • I plan to attend the dinner:
  • Special food requests:

IMPORTANT: If you plan to attend both Fototnik-dagarna and ADOPT day, you will need to register separately to both events. The poster session will be held jointly. If a student only attends ADOPT-dagen then they should notify Therese that they will present a poster. If they want to attend both days, then they need also to send an abstrac of the poster to O & F-dagen.

Organizers: Carlota Canalias & Fredrik Laurell

Program (version 20121019) (pdf 81 kB)

Others: Speed dating between Students and Industry. Are you looking for a job? Will you be looking for a job in a few months? Os simply feel like flirting with Industry? Do not miss the oportunity! PhotonicSweden is organizing this for you! See the attachment. Speed dating with industry.pdf (pdf 147 kB)


Part of the ADOPT Day 2012 participants

Group photo in high resolution (jpg 614 kB)

Gunnar Björk recounts ADOPT's activities
Presentation by FLIR Systems AB
Hans Blom, Science for Life Laboratory
Behind Germanium lens
Jan Stake on Tera-hertz
Ulrich Vogt on Max IV
"Free your imagination" team #2: Si laser on sale
"Free your imagination" team #3: here, there, everywhere of fiber sensors
Gold medalists, after being brain-teased
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