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ADOPT Day 2014

General infomation

The ADOPT Day 2014 will be held on 23 October in Albanova, Svedbergsalen (FD5). In the morning we will see presentations of ADOPT research, followed by the guest speaker Prof. Niek van Hulst from ICFO Barcelona. Afternoon, we have three invited talks given by:  Prof Clivia M. Sotomayor Torres (ICN2 Barcelona), Prof. Ursula Gibson (NTNU Trondheim) and Axel Lundvall (Rolling optics, Stockholm).

The poster session starts after the invited talks. All Ph.D. students, supported by ADOPT are asked to present their results. In order to encourage also other members to present their work, we would like to announce that authors of the best poster will receive the prize.

At 17:45 all participants are invited for the dinner with series of activities in O'Learys Norrtull Event Center, Sveavägen 143.

As you already know, the registration is free for ADOPT members but mandatory. Also, we would like to remind you that attendance is compulsory for all those supported by ADOPT. Please use the following the registration link.

Venue: Lecture hall FD5 (Svedbergsalen), KTH AlbaNova

Organizers: Marcin Swillo (marcin@kth.se), Katia Gallo (gallo@kth.se)

Programversion20141022.pdf (pdf 242 kB)

Registration:  adopt.dbdoktorn.se/registration.aspx


Group photo

High-resolution version of the group photo (jpg 1,2 MB)

Walter Margulis
Ilya Sytjugov
Mohamed Bourennane
Coffee break
Coffee break
Coffee break
Coffee break
Coffee break
Prof. Niek Van Hulst on Antennas for light
Prof. Ursula Gibson on opto-electronic fibers
Prof. Clivia M. Sotomayor Torres on coherent phonon source
Best poster!
Best image!!
Just before team competition
Bowling ~
Bowling ~~
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