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ADOPT Day 2015

General infomation

The ADOPT Day 2015 will be held on 16th October in Aula B, Electrum, Kista. In the morning we have the presentations from Professor Markus Pollnau and Professor Val Zwiller, and the invited talk by Dr. Christofer Silfvenius from Energimyndigheten. This year IEEE Sweden celebrates its 50 years success in Sweden. Dr. Lech Wosinski and Dr. Mats Edvinsson will give presentations about the 50 years achievement of IEEE and IEEE Photonics in Sweden. In the afternoon, we have the presentations from research groups in ADOPT.

At 18:00, dinner and bowling game are arranged in O’Learys Kista Event Center.

The attendance is compulsory for all those supported by ADOPT. The mandatory registration is free for ADOPT members, which can be done with following link. The deadline of registration is 25th September.

Venue: Aula B, Electrum, KTH-Kista

Organizers: Yanting Sun (yasun@kth.se)

Program: Version 20151015 (pdf 91 kB)

Registration (by 25th September): Via Google Forms (CLOSED)


Group photo (Photo Yanting Sun)

Group photo in large format. (jpg 798 kB)

Dimitri Geskus
Val Zwiller
Christofer Silfvenius
Fredrik Laurell
Valdas Pasiskevicius
Mohamed Bourennane
Reza Sanatinia
Richard Schatz
Fun optics with Gunnar Björk and Marcin Swillo (though they look serious)
Optics fun with Gunnar and Marcin
Elena Vasileva
Sergei Popov
Miao Zhang
Walter Margulis
The happiest person at the end of the day.
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