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The Graduate School in Physics

With the directive from KTH’s rector to enroll all graduate students in graduate schools beginning in the spring of 2011, ADOPT has promoted, and succeeded in creating a graduate school in Physics, in cooperation with the deans of the SCI- and the ICT-school, and the heads of several departments of these schools. Hence, ADOPT’s ambition to organize a graduate school in Optics and Photonics has now been implemented in form of a specialization in Optics and Photonics (one of six specializations) within the Graduate School in Physics. Michael Fokine, an ADOPT-center researcher, is appointed Director of the school.

ADOPT will continue to support the graduate school and recommends all its graduate students admitted previous to the start of the Graduate School in Physics, to transfer into this program. Beginning in March 2011, all new students have to be admitted to a graduate school, and for the vast majority of the students working within ADOPT, the natural choice is the Physics school, with a specialization in Optics and Photonics.

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