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Winter School 2018

The 2018 winter school of Linné Center on Advanced Optics and Photonics (ADOPT) is held in Romme Alpin, Sweden on March 22-25.

This year, the advisory committee of the school has chosen the topic of Quantum Photonic Technologies. The School will give to young students and researchers an excellent opportunity to attend a series of lectures on the foundations of the field as will as state of the art of current technologies. The lectures will be held by internationally recognized experts and will cover both fundamental aspects and applications. The students will have the opportunity to interact efficiently, exchange their knowledge, and importantly, discuss and learn directly from international experts in the field.

General Information

Date: March 22-25, 2018

Venue: Romme Alpin, Borlänge, Sweden
Focus: Quantum Photonic Technologies
Organizers: Ali Elshaari , Klaus Jons, Val Zwiller, Sergei Popov
Program: Program (pdf 734 kB)
External participants: Non-ADOPT participants are required to pay for the accommodation costs independently. One 4-bed room is 5750 SEK, one "conference package " is 2650. So, in total for one external participant is slightly over 4000. please contact the hotel and make the payment separately before February 22nd,
Registration: December 31st 2017 (CLOSED)

List of Confirmed Lecturers

  • Prof. Dr. Christine Silberhorn

Integrated Quantum Optics , Paderborn University

  • Prof. Peter Lodahl

Quantum Photonics , Niels Bohr Institute

  • Prof. Julien Laurat

Quantum Networks Team , Pierre and Marie Curie University, Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel (LKB)

  • Prof. Göran Johansson

Applied Quantum Physics Labratory , Chalmers University of Technology

  • Prof. Stefan Kröll

Atomic Physics , Lund University

  • Prof. Sara Ducci

Quantum Information and Technologies , Université Paris Diderot

  • Prof. Mircea Guina

Optoelectronics Research Centre , Tempere University of Technology

  • Prof. Eden Figueroa

Quantum Technology , Stony Brook University

  • Prof. Carsten Schuck

Integrated Quantum Technology , Universität Münster

  • Prof. Costanza Toninelli

Quantum Nanophotonics , European laboratory for nonlinear spectroscopy (LENS)

  • Prof. Rachel Grange

Optical Nanomaterial Group , ETH Zurich

PhD course (IO3000)

A PhD student is eligible for obtaining 2 third-cycle course credits for participating the winter school and answering a list of questions at sight, one question per lecture. The corresponding course code is IO3000. Evaluation criteria: the participant has to follow all the lectures given during the winter school, as well as to correctly answer at least 60% of questions formulated based on the lectures. Examiner: Prof. Val Zwiller.

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