Space Rendezvous - Human Spaceflight and Space Exploration

Time: Tue 2018-10-09 13.00 - 18.00
Location: Lecture hall E1, Lindstedtsvägen 3, floor 2.

A couple of astronauts, researchers, space engineers, a former MP of the parliament and students gave presentations and discussed about the future for Human spaceflight and exploration. Here you can find the recordings and follow the lectures even if you could not attend the event!

Human spaceflight will expand enormously during the coming decade. Today there is only two vehicles in operation that can take humans to space: the Russian Soyuz and the Chinese Shenzhou. We can expect four new American vehicles within 1-2 years, both for sub-orbital “space jumps” and for orbital flights. In about five years the first crewed flight around the Moon since 1972 will happen and soon after there will be a space station around the Moon. This development and further was the theme for the KTH Space Rendezvous Autumn 2018.

Current plans for new piloted spacecraft and missions - Christer Fuglesang

Human Space Exploration beyond the Low Earth Orbit based on the ISS actives, Overview of Recent Japanese Activities - Chiaki Mukai, Japanese astronaut

What are the Chinese up to in human spaceflight? - Sven Grahn, KTH

Can we live on the Moon and Mars? - Dag Linnarsson, Karolinska Institutet

Planetary habitats analogue: the effects of hypoxic bedrest on human physiology - Michail E. Keramidas, KTH

Student studies of an Interplanetary gateway near the Moon - Johan Ferm, KTH student

ZeroG as a first step for cleaner and happier astronauts - Sébastien Ruhlmann, KTH student

What role for Sweden in human spaceflight? - Mathias Sundin, Former memeber of parliament and co-founder Warp Institute

Panel discussion: “Short, medium and long-term goals for human spaceflight and exploration, what should they be?”

Moderator: Sven Grahn
Panelists: Mathias Sundin, Anna Rathsman, Christer Fuglesang and Chiaki Mukai

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