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Preliminary Programme

SKC Symposium October 10-11, 2017
Fagerudd konferens, Bredsandsvägen 63, Enköping

Day 1 October 10

10:00 SKC Board meeting in Viking (invites only)

11:30 Registration and Poster installations

11:30 Lunch

Plenary Meeting Stora Skarpan

13:00 Welcome: Hans Henriksson, SKC

13:10 Lena Willman, Director, Innovation Technologies and Exploration, Westinghouse

13:50 Plenary session: Research highlights 2017 from academia

13:50 KTH, Jan Dufek, The success of the KTH Master Program TNEEM

14:05 Chalmers: Mattias Thuvander, Ongoing activities on materials

14:15 Uppsala University, Ane Håkansson, Ongoing activities and the success of education in history

14:25 SAINT: a Swedish Academic Initiative in Nuclear Technology, Klara Insulander Björk

14:35 MÅBiL, Hans Henriksson

15:00 Coffee Break

15:30 Presentation by 2017 Sigvard Eklund Prize winners

15:30 Ph.D.: Zsolt Elter, Chalmers, “Neutron monitoring based on the higher order statistics of fission chamber signals”

15:50 M.Sc.: Mimmi Bäck, KTH; “Welding of dissimilar metals in different welding positions”

16:10 Sara Bortot, Researcher reactor physics KTH, “Status of GenIV and SMR development today”

16.30 Poster Session. Demos by Westinghouse and KTH

Kaplan Maciej, Uppsala University, Amorphous alloys for the nuclear industry

Westinghouse demo on innovation and development

FANCSEE: a Fuel simulator from KTH, Blazej Chmielarz

18.00 Mingle, Milestones in the SKC history, Relax in the SPA

19:00 Dinner

Historic moments of SKC, Per Brunzell

Sigvard Eklund Prize ceremony

Entertainment: Anders Sjöling, troubadour

Day 2 October 11

Plenary Meeting Stora Skarpan

09.00 Project in-depth presentations

09.00 Michal Sedlak: “Modelling of IGSCC mechanism”

09.20 Kristina Lindgren: “Precipitation in thermally aged RPV material”

09.40 Erik Branger: “Modelling cross-talk in Cherenkov light production of irradiated nuclear fuel assemblies in wet storages”

10.00 Coffee Break

10.30 Petter Helgesson: “Treating defects in nuclear reaction models to improve material damage parameters and their uncertainties”

10.50 Peter Andersson: MÅBIL “Fuel diagnostics”

11.10 Mattio Bergagio: ”Thermal mixing and fatigue experiment: Solving inverse heat conduction problems using experimental data

11.30 Erki Metsanurk: “ICEWATER”

12.00 Lunch

Plenary Meeting Stora Skarpan

13.00 Cheuk Wah Lau, President of Swedish Nuclear Society, SKS: “Insights from nuclear development in China”

13.30 Pierre-Yves Cordier, International Strategy Executive Deputy Nuclear Energy Division, CEA: “What R&D for a sustainable nuclear energy development?”

14.00 Panel discussion: The next 25 years of nuclear technology

15:30 Concluding remarks

15:50 Coffee and End

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