KTH & SU Algebra and Geometry Seminar, Spring 2014


Seminars start 13.15. When at KTH, then in room 3418, and when at SU, then in room 306. Divergence from this is marked with a "*" and completed by, if needed, neccessary information. The format is either 60 minutes, or 2x45 minutes where the first 45 minutes are targeting graduate students.

Date Time Place Speaker Ttitle  
5 Feb 13:15-14:15 KTH 3418 Roy M Skjelnes, KTH Quot shemes in Grassmannians WC
12 Feb 13:15-14:15 SU 306 Anssi Lahtinen, KTH String topology of classifying spaces WC
19 Feb 13:15-15:00 KTH 3418 Francesco Vaccarino, ISI Foundation The Nori - Hilbert scheme of 2-Calabi Yau algebras is not smooth WC
26 Feb 13:15-14:15 SU 306 Eduardo Esteves, IMPA Limit linear series: History and Perspectives. RS
5 Mar 13:15-15:00 KTH 3418 Johan Alm, SU On the Rossi-Willwacher family of Drinfel'd associators and multiple zeta values. WC
12 Mar 13:15-15:00 SU 306 Philip Hackney, SU Properads and Infinity Properads. WC
19 Mar 13:15-14:15 KTH 3418 Wojciech Chacholski, KTH Idempotent symmetries of spaces. WC
26 Mar 15:15 SMC Kollokvium SMC Kollokvium SMC Kollokvium  
2 April 13:15-14:15 KTH 3418 Katharina Heinrich, KTH The Cohen–Macaulay space of twisted cubics. RS
9 April 13:15-14:15 SU 306 Benjamin Nill, SU Geometry of numbers and toric Fano varieties. SD
23 April 13:15-15:00 SU 306 Thomas Kragh, Uppsala Stable Homotopy Types in Floer Theory. AB
7 May 15:15 SMC Kollokvium SMC Kollokvium    
14 May 13:15-14:15 KTH 3418 Anthony Iarrobino, Northeastern University When do two nilpotent matrices commute? MB
21 May 13:15-14:15 SU 306 Ornella Greco, KTH Syzygies of the Veronese Modules. RF
4 June 13:15-14:15 SU 306 Andrea Petracci, Imperial College, London On the quantum cohomology of a particular type of Del Pezzo surfaces. RF
11 June 13:15 KTH 3418 SMC Kollokvium    
18 June 13:15 SU 306      

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