Matematiska sfären

Matematiska sfären (valda ämnen i matematik), 7.5 hp.

Course structure

The course is offered as a series of independent lectures, and thereby giving different views on several aspects of mathematics. Each lecture is accompanied with a collection of exercises. Written solutions to the exercises are to be handed to the lecturer within three weeks. There will be a total of 15 exercise sheets. Abstracts to some of the talks are found in the document located at the bottom of this page.


Each exercise sheet will be graded, and one needs to have at least 10 of the 15 exercise sheets solved in order to pass the course.


SF2713 Analysens grunder, SF2729 Grupper och Ringar, SF2736 Diskret matematik

Course plan (Preliminary)

Lectures are given Tuesdays, 15.15-17.00, room 3721 (Lindstedtsv. 25).

Datum Föreläsare Ämne Uppgifter
Jan 22 Roy Skjelnes Kärvar Deadline February 12th (pdf 100 kB)
Jan 29 Wojciech Chacholski Quivers Deadline February 19th (pdf 90 kB)
Feb 5 Tilman Bauer Numbers and Games Deadline February 26 (pdf 75 kB)
Feb 12 Sandra Di Rocco Projective Geometry (pdf 441 kB) Deadline March 5 (pdf 77 kB)
Feb 19 Serguei Shimorin Baire Category Theorem and existence proofs Deadline March 12 (pdf 156 kB)
Feb 26 Anders Szepessy Optimal control solves inverse problems Deadline March 19 (pdf 64 kB)
Mar 5 Carel Faber Elliptic curves Deadline March 26 (pdf 77 kB)
Mar 12 Uppehåll    
Mar 19 Kristian Bjerklöv Small divisors problems Deadline April 9 (pdf 37 kB)
Mar 26 Henrik Shahgholian Viskositetslösningar för Partiella differentialekvationer Deadline April 16 (pdf 977 kB)
Apr 2 Uppehåll    
Apr 9 Hans Ringström Mathematical relativity Deadline April 30 (pdf 92 kB)
Apr 16 Kurt Johansson Ortogonala polynom Deadline May 7 (pdf 315 kB)
Apr 23 Svante Linusson Stable matchings; the algorithm that gave the Nobel economics prize 2012 Deadline May 14 (pdf 50 kB)
Apr 30 Petter Bränden Geometry of zeros of polynomials (pdf 227 kB) Deadline May 21 (pdf 144 kB)
Maj 7 Lars Svensson Borsuk-Ulam Sats Deadline May 28 (pdf 1,9 MB)
Maj 14 Maria Saprykina Matematiska biljarder Deadline June 4 (pdf 19 kB)
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