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Engineering Mechanics include all parts of an industrial design process that is based on advanced mechanical analysis of product behaviour and functionality. It has become an important part of the design process for a large range of products. Mechanics is one of the four classical physics fields (optics, electromagnetism and thermodynamics are the others) and is therefore an essential part of any education in science and engineering. The Engineering Mechanics doctoral program has a selection of courses in three research fields, namely, acoustics, fluid mechanics and structural mechanics. The specialization structural mechanics also includes courses in areas such as solid mechanics and biomechanics.

The doctoral program in Engineering Mechanics is seen as a third-cycle education as a direct continuation of the second-cycle education in the Master’s program in Engineering Mechanics at KTH, but it can also be followed by students with other second-cycle educations. The doctoral program in Engineering Mechanics aims at creating a study environment in which the students can obtain a good general knowledge in the selected research field, but also in closely related fields. It will also provide the students with training in approaching and solving difficult problems so that they after completed education can independently, initiate, operate and evaluate scientific and technological research projects. The program however does not have authority. The full program description is available here:

Programbeskrivning och ämnesstudieplan (Svensk) (pdf 243 kB)


The program is organized by the program director. To ensure participation the program also has a program committee consisting of students and representatives from all research fields.

Research field Program committee representative
Acoustics Mats Åbom
Fluid Mechanics Anders Dahlkild (program director)
Structural Mechanics Gunnar Tibert
  Ramin Imani-Jajarmi (PhD student)
  Uģis Lācis (PhD student)

Director of PhD studies

Formal issues and authority such as approval of candidates for new positions, appointing of supervisors, revision and approval of individual study plans, appointment of chairman, opponent, evaluation committee, time and place for the public defense, etc., are handled by the director of PhD studies at the School of Engineering Sciences.

Director of PhD studies Tommy Ohlsson


Pure administrative matters are handled by the educational office (Utbildningskansli SCI).

Administrative contact

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