Progam description for doctoral studies in Applied and Computational Mathematics

This page contains the program description for the doctoral program in Applied and Computational Mathematics.

Mathematics is playing a central role in many different areas of society. Applied mathematics is the discipline where mathematical concepts and techniques are developed and applied to solve real world problems. Computational mathematics is the collective name for numerical computations that rest on a mathematical foundation. The doctoral program in applied and computational mathematics has three main directions of study: (i) Mathematical statistics, (ii) Numerical analysis, and (iii) Optimization and systems theory.

The doctoral program in applied and computational mathematics is given jointly by the School of Engineering Sciences (SCI) and the School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC).

Programbeskrivning, tillämpad matematik och beräkningsmatematik


Current courses within the doctoral program in Applied and computational mathematics can be found here: 

research level courses

Program director

The program is organized by the program director 

program director Henrik Hult

Director of doctoral studies

Formal issues and authority such as approval of candidates for new positions, appointing of supervisors, revision and approval of individual study plans, appointment of chairman, opponent, evaluation committee, time and place for the public defense etc are handled by the director of doctoral studies at the School of Engineering Sciences.

director of PhD studies Tommy Ohlsson


Pure administrative matters are handled by the educational office (utbildningskansli SCI).

Administrative contact

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