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Structures Laboratory

Structures Laboratory

The Lightweight Structures Laboratory is established in the business of testing composite, sandwich and metal materials and components. Mechanical properties such as stiffness, strength, creep and fatigue and fracture mechanic data are determined through the use of internationally acknowledged standards (ISO, ASTM, DIN). When standardised methods do not apply new testing procedures can be designed in collaboration with the client to satisfy needs for specific applications.

Structures Laboratory

We offer assistance in choosing suitable test method(s), design of test programs, test specimens, pre-conditioning etc. All in order to attain reliable properties of materials and components. Prior to testing, the material can be conditioned or aged in climate chambers. Testing can also be performed at elevated temperatures and humidity or under cold conditions. Assistance in the manufacturing and preparation of test specimens could also be provided.

Our current research activities on composite and sandwich materials comprises design and structural optimization, manufacturing techniques, stress and failure analysis, adhesive bonding and fasteners, quasistatic and dynamic testing, fatigue and durability and LCA assessments.

Materials Testing Facilities

  • Universal testing machines 500 N, 5 kN, 30 kN and 100 kN, with computerised control and acquisition systems
  • Impact testing machines possible to instrument with suitable combinations of accelerometers, load cells, and laser extensometers
  • Servo-hydraulic test frames, 10-250 kN, with computerised control and acquisition systems, capable of both constant amplitude and spectrum fatigue testing
  • Climate chambers, -30 to +180 °C
  • Digital Image Correlation (DIC) system, a non-contact optical-numerical measurement technique 
  • IR camera (thermovision)

Large-Scale Testing Laboratory

  • Test hall with 100 m2 floor area and 7 m height clearance
  • Reinforced concrete fixture slab, 112 fixture points with 200-500 kN vertical and 100-200 kN horizontal load capacity


KTH, Division of Lightweight Structures
Teknikringen 8R (deliveries)
Teknikringen 8 (visit)
SE-100 44 Stockholm

Monica Norrby, Laboratory manager

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