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T.Christian Gasser’s seminar “Biomechanical rupture risk assessment of abdominal aortic aneurysms. Achievements, clinical relevance, and tissue modeling”

Tid: To 2021-09-30 kl 16.15

Plats: zoom

Föreläsare: Christian Gasser, KTH

T.Christian Gasser_Sept_30_2021.pdf (pdf 266 kB)

Abstract. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) disease, the local enlargement of the infrarenal aorta, is a serious condition that causes many deaths, especially in men exceeding 65 years of age. Over the past quarter of a century, computational biomechanical models have been developed towards the assessment of AAA risk of rupture, technology that is now on the verge of being integrated within the clinical decision-making process. The modeling of AAA requires a holistic understanding of the clinical problem, in order to set appropriate modeling assumptions and to draw sound conclusions from the simulation results. In this seminar we summarize and critically discuss the proposed modeling approaches and report the outcome of clinical validation studies for a number of biomechanics-based rupture risk indices. Whilst most of the aspects concerning computational mechanics have already been settled, it is the exploration of the failure properties of the AAA wall and the acquisition of robust input data for simulations that has the greatest potential for the further improvement of this technology. The second part of the talk will therefore focus on the multiscale description of AAA tissue and summarizes recent constitutive modleing attempts

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Tillhör: KTH Solid Mechanics seminar series
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