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About the division

The Software and Computer Systems division is one of five divisions within the Computer Science department of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

The division consists of seven professors, eight associate professors, two assistant professors, five lecturers, five postdocs and about forty doctoral (Ph.D.) students. We also have one guest professor and one adjunt professor. A number of members of the above mentioned faculty are on leave of absense to varying degrees.

Staff directory

The goal of the division SCS is to continue strong research and education on fundamental aspects of software technology and computer systems, central areas within Computer Science. We have a focus on cloud computing, systems for service computing, social networks, time aware systems, data science, and applied AI as well as Software Engineering.

Read about studies within software and computer systems

Read about research within software and computer systems


Thomas Sjöland is head of the Software and Computer Systems division. He is also director of studies for division's courses in the first and second cycles. PhD education in Kista is managed by the PA Associate Professor Sarunas Girdzijauskas and by the vice FA Professor Ana Rusu.

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