SCS Seminars

Location: Room Ada, SCS, Floor 4, Elevator A, Electrum, Kista.

Upcoming seminars

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Musard Balliu Securing Applications by Information Flow Tracking 11-12

List over previous seminars:

Date Speaker Title/abstract Slides


Martin Isaksson Machine Intelligence Research at Ericsson Not available


Martin Monperrus The State of the Art of Automatic Program Repair Not available
20171215 Prof. Babak Falsafi Server Architecture for the Post-Moore Era Not available
20171215 Prof. Avi Mendelson NVDRAM a new technological evolution of a new system revolution? Not available
20171204 Keith Clark QuLog: A logic based language for engineering multi-agent applications K.Clark (pdf 423 kB)
20171122 Fredrik Ronquist Probabilistic programming for statistical phylogenetics F. Ronquist (pdf 5.2 MB)
20171108 Benoit Baudry Approximate Loop Unrolling: an illustration of trading accuracy for energy B.Baudry (pdf 1.3 MB)
20171025 Henrik Boström Conformal Prediction H. Boström (pdf 1.1 MB)
20170920 Elias Castegren Relaxed Linear References for Lock-Free Data Structures  
20170913 Ahsan J. Awan Near Data Processing Architectures: Opportunities and Challenges for Big Data Analytics  
20170615 Miguel Correia Cloud File System Security and Dependability with SafeCloud-FS Miguel Correia.pdf (pdf 4.3 MB)
20170607 Masoumeh (Azin) Ebrahimi EbDa: A New Theory on Design and Verification of Deadlock-free ​​​​​​​Interconnection Networks (to appear in ISCA 2017)  
20170531 Magnus Boman Learning Machines for Clinical Applications M. Boman.pdf (pdf 1.6 MB)
20170503 Jana Tumova Formal methods-based robot task and motion planning  


Edward A. Lee Resurrecting Laplace's Demon: The Case for Deterministic Models E.A.Lee.pdf (pdf 3.6 MB)
20170420 David Black-Schaffer Making Memory Systems Efficient​​​​​​​  

Trevor E. Carlson

Memory Level Parallelism: An Overlooked Path to Processor Efficiency  
20170126 Professor Walid Taha Rigorous simulation  
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