Courses in english from SCS in the second cycle 2018

All our courses in the second cycle are given in English

Course code Course Name Points Period Responsible teacher
ID2203 Distributed Systems, continuation course 7,5 3 Seif Haridi
ID2208 Programming of Web Services 7,5 3 Mihhail Matskin
ID2204 Comstraint Programming 7,5 4 Christian Schulte
ID2210 Distributed Programmeng, peer-to-peer and GRIDS 7,5 4 Jim Dowling
IS2202 Computer Systems Architecture 7,5 4 Johnny Öberg  (ELE)
ID2201 Distributed Systems, basic course 7,5 1 Vladimir Vlassov
ID2207 Modern Methods in Software Engineering 7,5 1 Mihhail Matskin
ID2213 Logic Programming 7,5 1 Thomas Sjöland

Data Intensive Computing

7,5 1 Amir Payberah        
ID2225 Learning Machines 7,5 1 Magnus Boman
ID2214 Programming for Data Science 7,5 2 Henrik Boström

Data Mining

7,5 2 Vladimir Vlassov

Scaleable Machine Learning and Deep Learning

7,5 2 Seif Haridi/ Amir Payberah
ID2202 Compilers and Execution Environments 7,5 2 Christian Schulte
ID2209 Distributed AI and Intelligent Agents 7,5 2 Mihhail Matskin
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