Courses from SCS in the first cycle ht20 and vt21

Of the courses in the first cycle some are given in a special english version or are adapted for an english program. In some cases the lecturer prefers to use English.

Course code Course name Points Period responsible for course
ID1020 Algorithms and Data Structures 7,5 1 Robert Rönngren
II1306 Introduction to IT (yr1) 1,5 1 Robert Rönngren
ID1018 Programming I 7,5 2 Fredrik Kilander  (COS)
ID1206 Operating Systems 7,5 2 Johan Montelius
ID1212 Network Programming 7,5 2 Sten Andersson  (TCS)
ID1019 Programming II 7,5 3 Johan Montelius
ID1217 Concurrent Programming 7,5 3 Vladimir Vlassov
IS1200 Computer Enginering, basic course 7,5 3 Daniel Lundén
IV1303 Modern Software Development 6 4 Mira Kajko-Mattsson
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