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Book: “The Human Right to Water: From Concept to Reality”

Publicerad 2016-11-04

A new book titled “The Human Right to Water: From Concept to Reality” has been written/edited by Docent Nandita Singh.

This 238 pages long book has been published by Springer International, Switzerland, and is the first of its kind that establishes the vital connection between water as a human right and water resources management / governance. It argues that in most cases action for “implementation” of the right does not lead to its “realization” by people because a number of contextual factors that relate to issues of “water resources management” and “water governance” remain unaddressed. The book introduces the new concept of “realization” of human right to water and proposes an innovative framework that can help translate the right from mere concept to reality.

The book is an outcome of Nandita’s long-drawn research on the human right to water and its connections with water resources management and governance. As a result, most of the chapters are authored by her, but some of them are written by colleagues from KTH and outside.

This book should be interesting and useful for research and educational engagements at SEED and ABE.

The link for the e-book