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EESI programme 20-years anniversary reunion

Publicerad 2014-06-27

For 20 years graduates from KTH's first international program have been making waves in the field of environmental and sustainable engineering. Recently they reunited on Campus for an emotional and inspiring reunion.

Time: Fri 2014-06-27 18.00

Location: KTH Campus Plattan Sing-Sing

Almost 40 EESI alumni from all over the world gathered at KTH Campus on June 27. The masters programme Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure 1994-1995 was KTH's first international programme. The evening began with a short ceremony opened by KTH president Peter Gudmundson who welcomed all alumni back to KTH Campus after 20 years. The event was hosted by KTH Alumni, Professor Semida Silveira, head of Energy and Climate Studies and Professor Folke Snickars.

2014 - 20 years graduates from KTH's first international programme - EESI!
1994 - changed much?
KTH president Peter Gudmundson welcoming back after 20 years
Professor Folke Snickars points to the future

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