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New PhD in Industrial Ecology on her way

Publicerad 2014-06-24

We congratulate Sofie Pandis Iveroth who successfully defended her PhD thesis.

"Industrial Ecology for sustainable development - the case of Hammarby Sjöstad" on June 2d, 2014. From the left in the photo, Prof. Karel Mulder (TU Delft, co-supervisor), Assoc. Prof. Nils Brandt (KTH, co-supervisor), Anna Ledin (KTH, chair of the dissertation), Sofie Pandis Iveroth, Assoc. Prof. Fredrik Gröndahl (KTH, supervisor). In the preface to her thesis, Sofie writes "It seems that I can never leave things as they are, as I always think there is room for improvement. As a result, the concept of industrial ecology came to interest me, as it links my interest in optimising things to my growing concern with the lack of sustainable development in society".

Tillhör: Institutionen för hållbar utveckling, miljövetenskap och teknik (SEED)
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