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New tools and methods for better low-energy buildings

Publicerad 2014-03-13

Welcome to Nils Brown’s licentiate seminar 14 March 2014!

Nils Brown
Nils Brown

Nils Brown’s licentiate thesis presents new tools for assessing performance in low-energy buildings. Firstly, he considers how refurbishment for increased energy efficiency in existing buildings can affect indoor environment and environmental performance with the Swedish environmental certification tool Miljöbyggnad. Life-cycle approaches considered include life-cycle costing for refurbishment, as well as assessing global warming potential for design and structural alternatives in new-build and for material production in refurbishment. 

Licentiate thesis

Brown, Nils (2014) Better Low-energy Buildings: The Contribution of Environmental Rating Tools and Life-Cycle Approaches. Licentiate dissertation . Stockholm: KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

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