En disputation, två licentiatseminarier, och ett halvvägsseminarium

Publicerad 2010-11-17

Den 17 december lägger Åsa Svenfelt fram sin doktorsavhandling "Two strategies for dealing with uncertainty in social-ecological systems"

"The scale of environmental problems is increasing. Globalisation and trade have weakened the links between the ecosystems in which goods are produced and the communities in which they are consumed. This, combined with variability and dynamics in ecological and social systems, means that there are great uncertainties about production conditions and about the impact on humans and the environment of decisions made at different levels in society. In order to achieve sustainable management of ecosystems, more knowledge is needed when possible. In other cases, strategies for dealing with the uncertainties are needed.

This thesis, in which ecological and social systems are regarded as integrated, analyses two strategies for dealing with uncertainties in such social-ecological systems and thereby improving the potential for sustainable management of these systems. The strategies are i) Using futures studies as a method and ii) creating a tighter feedback loop between society and ecosystems."

Disputationen hålls i sal E1, KTH, Osquars Backe 2, fredagen den 17 december 2010, kl 13.00.

Läs hela abstract i spikbladet (pdf 87 kB)

Kontakta Åsa

Den 15 december kl 10 lägger Karin Alverbro fram sin licentiatavhandling "Environmental and Ethical Aspects of Destruction of Ammunition"

"Many decision-making situations today affect both personal safety and environment. In practice many of these decisions are made without an overall view and decisions are made with focus on either environment or safety. Now and then these two areas of regulations are at conflict, i.e. the best alternative according to environmental considerations is not always the safest way and vice versa. Such an example is the destruction of ammunition. The Swedish Armed Forces have large stocks of ammunition that were produced at a time when destruction was not considered. This ammunition will eventually become obsolete and must be destroyed.

The overall aim of the project is to develop a framework tool where the issues of environment, safety, ethic and costs are all integrated and thus support decision making. A second aim with the project has also been to contribute with knowledge about different destruction methods, their good and bad points and consequences to provide different actors better basis for decisions. In the first part of the project which is presented here, mainly the areas of environment and ethic are studied and shortly the area of personal safety."

Läs mer i spikbladet (pdf 66 kB)

Kontakta Karin

Den 15 december kl 16 lägger Marita Wallhagen fram sin licentiatavhandling "Environmental Assessment of Buildings and the influence on architectural design".

"This licentiate thesis examines environmental assessment tools for buildings. This is done by investigating, analysing, comparing and testing how different environmental assessment tools measure the environmental performance of buildings and examining the consequences this may have on architectural design."

Licentiatseminariet hålls onsdag 15 december kl 16 i sal sal E2, Lindstedtsvägen 3, KTH.

Läs hela abstract i spikbladet (pdf 74 kB)

Kontakta Marita

Den 3 december kl 13 presenterar Josefin Wangel sitt avhandlingsarbete vid ett halvtidsseminarium.

Vid halvidsseminariumet presenteras och diskuteras följande texter:

Wangel: Actors, Futures, Sustainabilites - The Metagovernance of Sustainable Urban Development. Draft cover essay.

Wangel: A meta-methodology for goal-based socio-technical scenarios – developing and testing methodologies. Draft report.

Jonsson et al.: Energy at your service: Highlighting Energy Usage Systems in the context of energy efficiency analysis. Accepted with minor revisions in Energy Efficiency.

Wangel: Understanding Meta-Governance through Social Network Analysis: theoretical considerations exemplified through an urban development case in Stockholm, Sweden. Draft paper.

Wangel: Exploring actor and governance representations in backcasting studies for sustainable urban development. Draft paper.

Seminariet hålls i seminarierum 5055, Drottning Kristinas väg 30, KTH. Texterna skickas ut vid anmälan eller på begäran.

Kontakta Josefin

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