fms' papers hit the lists

Publicerad 2011-01-03

fms' publications are frequently cited and have a number of places on different journal's hit lists of most cited papers.

No less than six papers by fms researchers have made it to the top-ten-lists of four different journals. Amongst these papers five have different first authors.


No 1. Börjeson, L., Höjer, M., Dreborg, K.-H., Ekvall, T. and Finnveden, G. (2006): Scenario types and techniques - Towards a user’s guide. Futures, 38, 723-739.

Journal of Cleaner Production

No 3. Finnveden, G., Johansson, J., Lind, P. and Moberg, Å. (2005): Life Cycle Assessment of Energy from Solid Waste – Part 1: General Methodology and Results. J Cleaner Production. 13, 213-229.

No 5. Finnveden, G. and Moberg Å. (2005): Environmental systems analysis tools – an overview. J Cleaner Production. 13, 1165-1173

No 7. Eriksson, O., Reich, M.C., Frostell, B., Björklund, A., Assefa, G., Sundqvist, J.-O., Granath, J., Baky, A. and Thyselius, L. (2005): Municipal solid waste management from a systems perspective. J Cleaner Production, 13, 241-251.

Resources, Conservation and Recycling

No 10. Björklund, A. and Finnveden, G. (2005): Recycling revisited – life cycle comparisons of global warming impact and total energy use of waste management strategies. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 44, 309-317

Environmental Impact Assessment Review

No 10. Nilsson, M., Björklund, A., Finnveden, G. and Johansson, J. (2005): Testing an SEA methodology for the energy sector - a waste incineration tax proposal. Environmental Impact Assessment Review. 25, 1-32.

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