José Potting joins fms

Publicerad 2011-01-31

Dr. José Potting received a VINNMER-fellowship for a partime position as a guest associate professor in fms, the Environmental Strategies Research division.

She will be 3 month per year with fms and for the other part remain working with Environmental Systems Analysis at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. The fellowship is granted to set up an international collaboration between both groups around simplifying Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) (overall project title "LCA - How simple can it get?").

Dr. Potting will use the position to initiate new and contribute to ongoing research projects in fms and the two Vinnova funded Excellence Centres for Sustainable Communications (CESC) and ECO2 Vehicle Design in which fms is involved.

Dr. Potting is an international renown expert in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and also has extensive experience in other environmental modelling and assessment approaches. One of her recent research interest is how to robustly simplify and tailor LCA to enhance its practical use for sustainability efforts of stakeholders.

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